Everything here happens on Slab Time. So please check back late spring this year.

Meanwhile, if you want to throw us a bone, donate to our sister organization. They are our money tree anyhow. We like S.O.A.R. because every single dollar directly goes to dog food, spay/neuter services, vaccinations or emergency medical expenses. And bones. Big fat bones.

Society's OutKasts Animal Rescue, Inc. 501 (c)(3), "S.O.A.R." Please reference Slab City for any donations. http://www.societysoutkasts.com

S.O.A.R. also accept donations of goods we can use, like gently used collars, harnesses, leashes, dog beds, dog jackets, dog back-packs, toys, kiddie pools, dog food, UV-durable heavy water bowls, treats, new or recently expired medicines, Pedialyte, any materials doggie shade structures can be built from, and yes, bones.

Or, pack up your stuff and haul it out to us in person, we love dog friendly visitors. Bring some time for yourself.

Photos courtesy of Brad Romano  © 2017-2018

Don't lose your scent, track us down here: Slab City

Contact: SlabDogsUnited@gmail.com